For us, the swimsuit is more than just a garment for the beach and sun, it is a fundamental element to have fun near every piece of water. It is there if we want to read a book on a river bank, hang out with friends in our building’s swimming pool, practicing water sports and when we wallow in the sand or in the snow before entering the water. The bathing suit is a special piece of clothing that reveals a lot about ourselves and accompanies us during countless moments of relaxation and fun.

We hope that all women can feel comfortable, beautiful, and joyful in every place where they use our clothes. To that end, we took inspiration from the past when beauty was not dictated by your size or how much skin you showed and developed modern and fun designs in which every woman can feel special.

Our Promise

We aim to help every woman feel unique and special through their clothes. This is why every one of our products is hand made on every order and our models are available for a limited time only, ensuring that every one of our clients owns a bathing suit that few people in the world will ever have.